Weekend Getaway: Zion National Park

Weekend Getaway: Zion National Park

This was such a bittersweet holiday for us: one of my best friends, Christina, was leaving California to head back home to New York, and this was our way of celebrating.

We loaded into, our friend, Kevin’s car around 23.30 and hit the road!

We arrived at our breakfast spot in St. George, Utah right as they were opening at 07.00! After an eventful breakfast, practically no sleep, and lots and lots and lots of coffee, we were heading into Zion National Park for some exploring.

These shots were taken from the south entrance into Zion; it’s a relatively slow entrance as it doesn’t connect to the other sections of the park. But it was conveniently located to where we were staying in New Harmony, thus the perfect spot for a sunset view (though the photos didn’t turn out as well as anticipated).

The next day were tackling our big hike of the trip: Angel’s Landing! I had done this hike once before with my dad when I was about 12years old, but I had forgotten so much of the hike itself! It’s an absolutely stunning way to see Zion, but it’s a complete pain in the ass to get up.

The next day was a lot more relaxed: we ventured to Bryce National Park and made our way back to Cedar City the back way along Route 14. We drove the entire way which was perfect since we were all 1) tired from hiking Angel’s Landing the previous day and 2) freezing cold- it even started snowing for us!

Just look at how gorgeous Bryce is!

And we found so much snow! At the end of April!!

Our next stop: Hoover Dam!

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