Hey! I’m Jensen, an almost- 22 year old Californian who just wants to experience a little bit more of the world I’m living in. I love: books, wine, the ocean & sea (all of them, though I do have my favorites), puppies, skydiving, and a morning cup of coffee (or anytime really). I believe a shower can cure almost anything, a good book can change your perspective on life, but, most importantly, I believe in falling in love with as many people, places, and things as possible.

Here’s a bit of my story : I grew up in Oceanside, California and associate myself as a Californian before anything else. After high school, I followed my then- boyfriend to Santa Barbara for university. A year at the local community college and two years at the UC, I graduated with a BA in political science with an emphasis in international relations, a collection of new friendships, and a wanderlust fueled by studying abroad in Siena, Italy.

And absolutely no desire to immediately pursue a master’s degree.

Instead, I booked it to the Netherlands to work as an au pair for the sweetest family. I spent my time learning Dutch and learning from kids. I also spent an unbelievable amount of time traveling around Europe. Between Weekend Getaways and my Summer Holiday, I made it to 14 (!!) countries.

My year living in Europe taught me so much about myself and allowed me to make some unbelievable connections with the best kinds of people. But it was also during this year that I realized: it’s ridiculous how much of a difference a blue sky, a few degrees, and salty air can make in me. I needed some San Diegan sunshine.

So here I am: living in Oceanside, working at Trader Joe’s, and constantly planning my next trip.


“It’s one thing to feel that you are on the right path, but it’s another to think that yours is the only path.”  – Paulo Coelho

I’m still discovering my personal ideology but here’s some highlights:

  1. The only thing between you and the life you want to live is you.
  2. You’re only ever a plane ride away from anywhere you would want to go.
  3. Life’s too short to do anything but what you want.